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2021 - a year in dating

This was quite the year, huh? Tired of looking at COVID-numbers and statistics? Tired of hearing about inflation, stock market, & crypto growth stats? Want to change up the mindset? We have some mainly useless, but nevertheless interesting statistics from this year in dating.

  1. Of those millennials active on dating apps, the avg time spend per week swiping is 10 HOURS. TEN. That’s 520 hours through the year - about 31 awake days through the year (assuming 8 hours of sleep). More PTO time than most get in a year. Enough time to learn a new language, hobby, or watch all episodes of The Office 7 times through. Don’t believe it? Try.

  2. Over 70% of profiles contain a lie, small or large. That means that if you are reading this article, and have a dating app profile, chances are you lied a little! If you didn’t then the next 3 people who read this article are liars! Statistically speaking...

  3. Want people to respond to your messages? Well send something interesting, and not creepy - but, also keep it between 40-90 characters. Avg response rate dramatically drops off outside of this range. An example of a 70 character message. `Realized that you are a bit shorter than my real height, so we're good!

  4. 54% of online daters say they enjoy their experience - this is too low - we want to make it higher

  5. Dating apps collect nearly 3 billion dollars in revenue off of subscription fees - this is too high - we want to make it lower

Let’s go for a better 2022 in many ways, together.

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