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6 questions to evaluate compatibility

Here at Tangle we are focused on improving your dating journey. Part of this journey in evaluating compatibility of a potential partner is based on how you each see the world. Research has shown that in a questionnaire about world perceptions and interests, couples have a far higher overlap & similarity of responses. Here are some key areas you’ll want to know a potential partners opinions on to inform you of your potential compatibility.

  1. How do you want to spend your 30-50s. Raising kids? Living a life full of travel & adventure? Both of you advancing your careers? These are more mutually exclusive items than you may think, and its important you know each others views.

  2. How much do you like to work? Some folks were on those 60 hour work week grinds during the pandemic, others saw how much they could loosen the line with still keeping their job. The amount folks enjoy working to advance their careers is important to evaluating if you’ll enjoy spending the rest of your time with partner

  3. How do you see people in this world? That everyone does the best they can with the cards they were dealt? That altruism is a hoax? Anger towards the right or left wing?

  4. How do you want to spend your weekends? You should be able to see this as you get to know the person, but there is a huge difference between going out to bars, dating day hikes, watching Netflix, cooking, gardening, and long bike rides, you should be certain your preferences overlap.

  5. How do you like to take a trip? Prefer a beach vacation with daquiris or hiking in the Andes?

  6. What do you prefer to eat? This isn’t your favorite dish, or what you eat when you go out, it is how you look at what you put into your body. How much do you drink, what do you eat Monday-Friday. How healthy is it? Are you vegetation? You’d be amazed how different answers will over time bring couples apart from the way to value your body & health, to sharing interests in restaurants and on vacations.

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