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Dating app terminology cheat sheet

We thought it might be helpful to provide a terminology cheat-sheet - how to interpret some common words you may see on dating apps.

Consulting/consultant = I’m very important. If you ask me what I do, I’ll provide a broad & vague statement, but nevertheless, I want you to think I am very successful, so successful, nobody (including myself) understands what I actually do.

Love tacos = 64% of dating profiles state they love tacos? Don’t believe this stat? Good call, we made it up, but it can’t be far off. This means - I am not simply a boring American, and I can prove it by my ulta-adventurous love of tacos.

Late night snacks = I’m fun, I know how to have a good time. I’m a work hard play hard type of person. If you like going to clubs, I’m a fun time!

Bourbon = 97% of male profiles proclaim a love for bourbon - once again, obviously made up but really can’t be far off. This is an easy way to say - I’m hip, I’m a man’s man, and I’ll always be on trend. Don’t ask me what bourbon is, or ask me to tell it apart from whiskey, but just know,you can bring to your friends, and I’ll look cool ordering from the bar.

Travel = you love travel? Love vacations? Truly a unique interest here - be sure to match with this unicorn if you encounter someone with this interest?

Of course, you’ll probably encounter some of this on Tangle, but we like to think of ourselves as being a bit except for this type of thing - because we help users make unique & interesting profiles based on how you choose to spend your time, not what you have accomplished in recent times. Check out our fun interests section, and build your profile over time with posts to showcase an authentic view of yourself. Happy Tangling!

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