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Meaningful Matches

One of our goals while designing Tangle was to make your matches mean more. Did you know that on average, less than 8% of matches on other dating apps - matches that one messages and actually tries to set up a date with - turn into a date?

So, using some quick arithmetic here, if you match with 100 people → are actually are interested in ALL 100 of them (which we all know is about as unlikely as Trump acknowledging he has small hands) → message all 100 of them and try to set up dates → on average, you’ll go on 8 first dates. How many of those first dates turn into second dates? Data shows, about 2-3. So, you’ve spent a good amount of time on an app, swiped through hundreds of profiles, sent tons of messages, and have 2-3 seconds dates. Yeah, we too thought there was an issue with this.

So how did we plan to help this? We automatically create a community of engaged users, the people you see in your home feed, are actually actively using the app. Tangle enables users to post real content (like you’d see on someone’s Instagram) rather than someone’s best 2 pictures from the last 5 years. This can help you learn more about someone and what they like doing - giving you more information before you tell someone you want to Tangle

Secondly, we introduced Tangle ice-breakers to help get conversations started (something we just kept hearing was a pain-in-the-arse). These ice-breakers are handcrafted! Like the whiskey that guys pretend to have an articulate understanding of. And, we have some tricks to encourage both people to respond to the icebreaker, and get the conversation going.

Lastly, we help you take the next step in getting to know one another - try out the app to see an example! Happy Tangling!

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