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A brief history of dating apps

You can look to the past to understand the future in many areas. To understand why we built Tangle, it's important to understand the history of the dating app market, and why we believe you deserve a better dating app.

The Tangle app has been launched! We figured for our inaugural blog post, we’d let you know why we created Tangle.

In short, we created Tangle because we felt there wasn’t actually a dating app available that puts their users first. In our eyes, this means making our mission to provide the best user experience while providing users value in multiple ways.

A brief history of dating apps. The first wave of dating platforms required that you entered a ton of information and be matched with others via algorithms - (ex: Match & EHarmony) these still exist. The second wave gave you the power to view tons of profiles and quickly make determinations of likeness, but most information was cosmetic and most judgments were made based on single-picture attractiveness - (ex: Tinder & Bumble) of course, these still are out there. The third wave took that approach and added gimmicks around the population, or funnel of profiles that you actually see (ex: Once & Happn). There are obviously a ton of other dating apps out there but in our eyes, none are putting users first, or else they wouldn’t be charging you to use their best features.


In a few words - here is what Tangle is about:

  • An engaged community (hopefully you won’t miss looking at stale profiles)

  • View interesting & real content (like what you’d see on their Instagram), and not just the best 2 pictures of someone.

  • See who has liked you easily, amazing!

  • Let Tangle help get conversations started, and help make the next leap in the conversation a bit easier.

  • Our promise & mission: We will only succeed if we put you first, which means as we grow, we’re going to bring you value in new ways.

In a few more words - Tangle's goal is to build a safe environment where users feel comfortable being themselves and sharing their experiences with others. A place where you can trust that others will be as kind and accepting of you as you are to them. We are not doing something crazy scientific or revolutionary. We want to enable users to show who they are, what they like to do, how they live their lives, and allow people to decide who they want to get to know based on more than just a few pictures or a few pieces of information so they can build meaningful long-term relationships in a healthy way and on their own terms.

To do this, we have designed our app so that people can interact with a community of engaged users, don’t have to think of witty one-liners or icebreakers to start conversations (we help you do that), and receive tangible value in supplemental ways. We are focused now on growth and our long term revenue plan will be based on providing value to our users. We want to align motivations with our users and our business, to succeed together. We are not going to charge subscription fees or show random ads. Instead, we are going to partner with local businesses so when two people decide to Tangle they can go to a local restaurant, bar or show at a discount, bringing value to all parties: tangle, vendors, and users.

If you have any thoughts or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out through

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