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The decade of swiping

If you have used dating apps, you are used to thumb soreness from the endless profile swiping most require. Ironically, the technological advancement that occurred with dating apps in the last decade, used a pretty archaic form of attraction.

Swiping is the timeless art of determining attraction based on a glimpse of someone’s visual appearance. This type of attraction determination can be traced back to the homo-sapiens. You can also see it in other species - the point is, while we may have an incredible amount of inventions that led to these apps, language, technology, computers, cameras, algorithms - these still reference a pretty old determination of attraction. These dogs we love, they base attraction on the smell of another dogs urine, a quick scent to see if they fancy the pheromones - because smell is their best sense. Well, us humans, eyesight is out best sense, and a quick glance is how we determine - left or right. If you are interested in the psychology behind these apps, check out this article by psychology today. So why did so many apps copy the swiping and why does it dominate the market? Is there not a better way? Does it really not matter what someone likes to do on the weekends, their sense of humor? How will this decade of dating app history be remembered in history? Well, time will tell, but our opinion is that it could be remembered, kind of archaically. Apps were asking you to say whether you wanted to talk, see, meet a person, based on a picture, surely we can do better, no? That’s why we created Tangle, we believe you deserve a better dating app, that lets you share your story, and takes the burden off of having a conversation and meeting up. Most importantly it actually focuses on providing YOU value, while not asking you for a single penny. We hope you enjoy.

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