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You date what you eat

Are you data driven? We’ll then start narrowing down your dating pool based on your food preferences - because a whopping 77% of married couples report having nearly identical taste & dietary preferences Why is this? Well, it could be for a number of reasons.

It could be because:

  • Their food preferences naturally grow more similar over time through living together.

  • They make compromises to their preferences for kitchen efficiency gain to enhance their similar tastes.

  • One person is more flexible than the other and their preferences morph.


It could be that the way you eat says a lot about you, and people with similar eating habits are more similar to get along. What you eat says a lot of about:

  • Your financial comfort spending on wellness & experiences.

  • Your health values - you are what you eat

  • Your connection with nature & the environment

  • How much you strive to get out of your comfort zone & experience new things

  • How you enjoy spending your relaxation time.

So, observe where your date wants to go to eat, to drink, what they value in this area - you may be able to learn a lot about them - and more importantly to learn if they are a good fit for you & your appetite.

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